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Ways To Give

Want to donate?

You can give to Louisiana Tech BCM today!

Each year the Louisiana Tech BCM provides dozens of opportunities for students to live out the great commission at the local, national, and international level.  So many of those opportunities are made possible because of the generosity of family, friends, and alumni with a vision to support students financially. Through the cooperative program, we help fund mission efforts all over the nation and overseas. You can give to these general efforts to spread the gospel or dedicate your giving to a special event or student! If you would like to support Tech BCM missions by sponsoring a student or trip, you can donate below.

Ways Students Give

Dinner Auction

For Dinner Auction, students of all classifications show off their cooking skills as they auction a meal to the highest group of bidders. Being in October, this is a great time to not only raise money for missions but for friend groups to get to know each other better and build relationships over dinner.

Beard Auction

Beard Auction follows No Shave November when the young men of the BCM grow their facial hair long only to put their beards or hair on auction for missions. Each beard, or head of hair, goes to the highest bidder who wins the privilege of cutting their hair however the bidders choose. The facial/hair style must remain for the following 24 hours – inspiring many questions and conversations about missions on campus.

Pie Auction

Pie Auction was created as a form of Beard Auction retaliation. Gentlemen and friends have an opportunity to bid on specialty pies made by the young ladies of the BCM. Those who buy the pies have the opportunity to pie the lady in the face and also take home a scrumptious dessert!